The Self Love Club

Two weeks ago, looking in the high street shops – the five that were open…

I found them. My own personal lockdown mental health trap nightmare was finally over. I held in my hand two pairs of new pyjamas. One said Self Love Club, and the other said One of a Kind.


I hate selfishness. It doesn’t go with my beliefs. It’s not kosher and it’s not cool. I could never self-care just for myself. Taking piss? So, while I knew it was essential, I couldn’t work out how to believe it was ok, and then the next step: actually good.

Then, like a strike of lightning, the idea hit me~ you are allowed to self-care if you are working for something good.

But then it’s useful to have discussions and resources alongside the idea, too.

So then the Self-Care Trust was born:

A resource centre for all things self-care, because we trust you to self-care for a good cause.