Responding To The Voiceless


On Hearing; the Mental [and] Health Experiences of Britain’s Key Workers During the Corona Virus Pandemic in Britain.


The physical wellbeing, on the face of it, of British people, is the top priority of the government during the Corona virus epidemic.

Lockdown is at force, and the NHS is working tirelessly to contain the virus.

But lives have been lost – many lives.  Not just of the public.

Key workers; care staff and medics, are not given an option but to work.  We say thank you with our Thursday evening claps, but they were not given a choice.

I recently spent a bit of time in hospital, and, for the first two weeks, I loved it.  The porters, security, catering staff, cleaners and ward staff all became friends.  I even started volunteering, talking to other patients about their maladies.  It breaks my fucking heart to know some of them may have died.

They were not given a choice.




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